We have been producing olive oil for more than 100 years

Frantoio Ghiglione is a family story since 1920

We were born in the heart of the Prino Valley, in Dolcedo, a beautiful medieval village not far from the sea of Imperia.

Our valley is famous for the production and art of processing the Taggiasca olive. A precious fruit, capable of giving sweet and delicately fruity extra virgin olive oil.

The Ghiglione Family has been producing excellent extra virgin olive oil for 3 generations and does so by combining the mastery handed down through the generations with commitment, passion and deep knowledge of the most modern and innovative methods of extracting and processing the fruit.

A love of innovation combined with respect for artisanal roots represent the philosophy that has characterized the work of our company and our family for over a century

All the goodness of the Mediterranean diet

In our extra virgin olive oil and traditional Ligurian food products

In Ghiglione’s house we talk 100% organic

Why choose organic for your table?

Because organic oil, our extra virgin olive oil is an oil made from olives grown and produced by controlled agriculture.
At Frantoio Ghiglione we do not use chemicals but take advantage of the natural fertility of the soil to offer you a good healthy and certified product.
In fact, the organic process allows us to obtain an oil free of synthetic substances and is environmentally friendly.
But there is more to Ghiglione’s home than just oil.

Have you tried our 100% organic products yet?

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