The Oil is a treasure, Dolcedo its treasure trove

Roots are our strength.

These roots are in Dolcedo, where the Frantoio Ghiglione has its headquarters. We are in Val Prino, in the province of Imperia, western Liguria.
Here among the hills lapped by the wind blowing from the sea – the cultivation of the olive tree spread thanks to the Benedictine monks.
The olive oil, in fact, has written the history of Dolcedo over the centuries. Even today, going through the mule tracks, the stone alleys and the terraced countryside, you can breathe the culture nourished by this product over the centuries.
Dolcedo is aware of this treasure: like a coffer it jealously guards its soul.
Thanks to the skilled hands of the oil masters of Frantoio Ghiglione, this soul is revealed on the table.

olio mosto

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